Jubilee and Memorial: 1872 Lee Mount Baptist 1922

History of Church and Sunday School

Roll of Honour

Pt. Herbert Jacobs
L/Cpl. Lawrence Dobs
Driver Wm. Dobson
Pte. Harry Howarth
Bandsman Norman Shaw
Pte. W.T. Gibson
Pte. Eric Rawson
Pte. Ernest Bolton
Pte. Robt. Shackleton
Pte. Vernon Sunderland
Pte. Lewis Cockroft
Pte. Ernest Widdop
Pte. Wm. Arthur Barnes
Pte. Leonard Andrews
Pte. Everett Marshall
Pte. George Harry Pool
Pe. Albert Windle
Pte. Ernest Robertson
Pte. Jos. E. Patterson
Pte. R. Wilson
Pte. Lewis Hellawell
Pte. Claude Bolton
Driver Walter Drake
Driver Herbert Hall
Pte. Gilbert Sunderland
Pte. Roland Garside
Pioneer Norman Hirst
Pioneer Frank Shaw
Pte. W.B. Wilson
Pte. Herbert Wright
Pte. Ernest Hoyle
Pte. Edgar Ward
Pte. Leonard Calvert
Pte. Stanley Atkins
Pte. John Wm. Rew
Pte. Percy F. Rawson
Pte. Harold Townend
Pte. Leonard Oddy
Pte. Clifford Naylor
Pte. Wilf. Garsed
Pte. Hbt. Tidswell
Driver Norman Greenwood
Seaman Harry Young
Sapper J.W. Fitton
Sapper Edwin T. Milnes
Pte. Harry Tidswell
Rifleman Herbt. Fairburn
Gunner Harry Horsfall
Pte. Thos. Fearnley
Pte. Arthur Bullock
Pte. Arthur Greenwood
Pte. George Hey
Pte. James Ramsden
Pte. Willie Campbell
Driver Herbt. Fearnley
Pte. Fred Guest
Pte. Albert Robertson
Driver Raymond Illingworth
Pte. Raymond Naylor
Pte. Jack T. Greenwood
Pte. Harry Firth
John Patterson, Royal Navy
Maurice Stead, Royal Navy
John Calvert, Royal Navy
Pte. Clifford Jacobs
Pte. Clement Atkins
Sapper Clement Charnock
Air. Mech. Arnold Clayton
Pte. A. Sharp
E.R.A. John Wm. Horsfall
Pte. Wilf. Shaw
Air Mech. Ernest Coote