In search of a city: a history of Lee Mount Baptist Church, Halifax 1846–1977

Miss J M Crabtree BA and Rev. M V Jackson BA

C Church records

Since the history of 1922 was written, no records have been lost, and so we have been able to research all those available then, plus later ones.

The principal records are as follows

Church minutes:

Deacons’ minutes:

Sunday School minutes:

In addition, we have Church Account books from 1877 and the following:

Subscriptions to New School (first Church)1864 to 1882
Infants’ School Building Committee1874 to 1876
Young Men’s Association Minutes1877 to 1895
Bazaar Committee1877 to 1909
Minister’s fund1890 to 1897
Contractor’s A/c. (Second Church)1907 to 1914
Finance Committee1916 to 1939

The two previous histories are: