In search of a city: a history of Lee Mount Baptist Church, Halifax 1846–1977

Miss J M Crabtree BA and Rev. M V Jackson BA

B Ministers

Rev.J. H. Robinson1893 to 1898
"D. B. Davie1899 to 1905
"F. W. Duncombe1906 to 1911
"J. Brown1912 to 1919
"H.J. Carr, B.D.1919 to 1923
"R. Tallontire1925 to 1933
"A.H. Sutherland1934 to 1938
"A. Dalton1941 to 1942
"O.L.F. Wade, B.A.1944 to 1950
"W. Bailey1952 to 1958
"R.J. Cook1960 to 1971
"M.V. Jackson, B.A.1972 to

Present diaconate 1977